World Music Radio (WMR) is an independent and non-religious radio station with a mix of the best music from all over the world.

Music crosses all frontiers - and WMR is a truly international radio station programmed to bring people together and share the same experiences and thus make international understanding just a little better.

WMR first went on the air in 1967 from the Netherlands, and broadcast from there until August 1973. Programmes were aired each Sunday morning and later also on Saturdays. The popular WMR frequency among many shortwave enthusiasts in Europe at that time was 6250 kHz.

Later, programmes from WMR were carried through the facilities of Radio Andorra (in 1976 and 1980), Radio Milano International (1982-1983) and Radio Dublin (1983-1989) - as well as via FM stations in Italy and France.

In 1997 WMR came back on the air from May to August from a new HQ in Denmark using powerful transmitters in South Africa, giving truly worldwide coverage but with Africa as the main target area.

In early 2003, preparations to re-launch WMR once again started, and this time again from own transmitters as was the case in 1967-1973.

In August 2003, permission to use 5815 and 15810 kHz was granted by the authorities in Denmark, and transmitters were ordered from a company in Canada to be delivered around Christmas 2003.

New offices and a new on-air studio were completed in February 2004, and after some delay the shortwave transmitters finally arrived in mid April 2004. Meanwhile new aerials had been erected near Karup in Central Jutland, Denmark, and the first test transmissions commenced on May 9th 2004 (15810 kHz) and May 18th (5815 kHz).

The transmitter for 5815 kHz has been running half power (approx. 6 kW) most of the time and the test transmissions on this frequency provided very good reception up till around 1,000 km from Denmark. At night the signals traveled even further.

The results from the test transmissions on 15810 kHz (500 W) - which ended June 17 - were less successful.

WMR was also available on the www via streaming audio and there were plans to use FM near Aarhus as well.

However as of early January 2005 all transmissions of WMR ended and WMR is currently off the air.

WMR - P.O.Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SŲ, Denmark